Hey — my name’s Rob!

I’m a writer with six years of experience helping grow businesses with content marketing. For the past four years I’ve created and implemented content strategies for B2B tech startups. Before this I wrote for a digital marketing agency’s largest clients.

My best work is featured on my portfolio. My skills and experience are on my LinkedIn and resume.

In addition to writing for businesses, I’m also writing a screenplay. Growing up, movies inspired me to become the best version of myself. I want to contribute to this incredible industry and create stories that inspire others.

Interesting things about me

  • I saw Fellowship of the Ring four times in theaters when I was 12
  • I accidentally blew up my treehouse when I was 14
  • I had my favorite author‘s friend as a professor in college
  • I wrote erotic short fiction after graduating (for pay)
  • I traveled to 12 countries in seven months while working remotely
  • I enjoy wave, witch house, and Kesha