Hey—my name’s Rob!

I’ve been growing small businesses and tech startups since 2011. The primary way I drive growth is with written content. I find the right topic, platform, and distribution channels to educate audiences and get them interested in a company’s product. This practice is referred to as content marketing.

I used this approach to help the tech startup MaxCDN get acquired in 2016. After this I traveled to 12 countries while working remotely as a freelancer. I helped grow over four tech startups during this time. Today, I work remotely full time for StackPath, a company that helps makes the Internet faster and more secure.

Other things I’m doing

Things about me

  • I wrote a short story about Bill Clinton being turned into a flea when I was 10
  • I accidentally blew up my treehouse when I was 14 with a propane lantern
  • I love music and my favorite artist is currently Fennesz
  • I love movies and my favorites are The Matrix, Heat, Interstellar, and Last Temptation of Christ