Home body weight workouts on YouTube I’ve been doing for 4 years

When I was in college I went to the gym at least four days per week. Not because I liked it but because I wanted to make an impression on college girls. Now my primary reason for working out is to feel good and look a little better than I did yesterday.

Both can be achieved without a gym.

I still use gyms sometimes, but I have more fun doing home workouts with YouTube videos. There’s more freedom to experiment with new moves, less judgemental eyes on you, and less rules. (You can workout without a shirt, in just boxers, or naked.)

In another post I further explain why I don’t like most gyms…

Wasting time getting to and from the gym. Needing to wait to use certain equipment. Narcissists walking in front of your spot to check themselves out in the mirror. Needing to cart all your shower supplies there and risking getting foot warts. Paying overpriced membership fees.

If you feel the same way as me about gyms, I recommend giving the home workout thing a shot. What’s cool about YouTube workouts is that you can get the same treatment you do from gym instructors for free. You can also do them whenever you want. There are no schedules.

Since 2013, I’ve done hundreds of different YouTube home workouts but only a handful of them are good. Below I’ll show you my favorites that I discovered back in 2013 and still do at least one time per month.

All of these YouTube workouts are especially great because they don’t require you to have any weights or equipment. You can do them all with your own body weight.

MMA workouts on YouTube

No weights, no problem by fightTIPS – Part 1

This one is 25 minutes long with only 20 minutes of activity time but will kick your ass if you keep up. The workout is also quite fun because of the punching movements. It splits up the more intense parts and gives you a small break.

I also love the energy of the young instructor, Shane, who is doing the workout from what seems to be a high school gym.

No weights, no problem by fightTIPS – Part 2

This has the same structure as Part 1 but focuses more on legs. I find it to be less intense than Part 1 but it’s by no means easy. If you go into it thinking it’s easy you’re screwed.

Like Part 1, it focuses on getting you the most results in the least amount of time. Very little breaks, very intense movements. There are some active recovery moments though (jumping jacks, lunges, etc.)

MMA training and conditioning workout by HasFIT

I do this workout the most often. If I did an especially brutal workout the previous day and just want to get my blood moving, this workout is my go-to. It’s fun and, weighing in at only 15 minutes, it’s short. (The first six minutes is the instructor teaching you how to do the different punch and kick combinations. You only need to watch it once.)

Full body training workouts on YouTube

Both of these workouts are instructed by Coach Kozak of HasFit. They are good to do if you did a really intense workout the day before. They mostly focus on strength rather than endurance. They involve complex movements that increase stability, balance, and strength.

Body weight workout without weights by HasFIT – Part 1

Body weight workout without weights by HasFIT – Part 2

Yoga workouts on YouTube

There’s one I can’t recommend enough – actually 30…

Original 30 day yoga challenge by Erin Motz

The original 30-day yoga challenge by Erin Motz is what got me interested in yoga in 2013. It was originally published by a yoga blog four years ago and has since been republished by Erin herself. Each workout is anywhere from 10- to 15-minute long and perfect for mornings before the grind starts or evenings before bed.

I do this challenge at least once per year. I even wrote about it in a popular blog post that I published on Elite Daily.

Which body weight workouts on YouTube do you find yourself returning to the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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