Work With Me

As a freelance content marketer, I work with anywhere from three to four clients at a given time. The clients I work with often build mobile apps, SaaS, cloud computing, and other types of technology.

I work on campaigns — not one-off content creation projects. This means I own everything from content creation to content promotion and KPI tracking. In short, I become part of your marketing team.

Before engaging in a project, I chat with a marketing manager, then send a one-sheet campaign proposal. This loose proposal shows you what content I’ll create, how I’ll promote it, and the KPIs I’ll track. It also includes goals and pricing.


There are two parts to how I charge. This is all included in an invoice delivered at the end of each month.

  • Monthly retainer: $1,000. This isn’t money that goes nowhere. It goes toward the time it takes for me to generate ideas, promote content, create documentation, and make the campaign successful.
  • Content creation: $200+ per piece. Lower-priced content includes explainer articles for SEO. Higher-priced content includes interviews, case studies, white papers, analyses, and sales collateral. Samples of my writing are on my portfolio.

Interested? Send me a line at