Wheelman: An 80-minute ride in the backseat of a getaway driver’s wild night

Title: Wheelman

Genre: Action

Description: One night, a getaway driver becomes trapped in a mob war while trying to be a good father.

Most of this movie is filmed with a camera stationed inside or on top of the wheelman’s getaway car. I was worried this would become stale after 30 minutes, but the conflict and pacing is strong enough to make it work.

While evading the police and unknown pursuers, the wheelman, played by Frank Grillo, is continuously answering calls from his daughter, the heist organizer, and the two mob leaders who the organizer promised the money to (which obviously presents a problem). I became interested in seeing the wheelman survive because, while getting shot at and ran off the road, he finds the time and temperament to talk with his daughter. It’s impressive.

Clocking in at around 80 minutes, this movie is a fast ride and one of the strongest feature films released by Netflix. The story isn’t incredibly original but is cohesive and the drifting and quick-shifting make up for the common bank robbery and getaway driver concepts.

Lesson: Even guys who do bad things can be good fathers.

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