Violence is created from separation

And this separation is what causes mass shootings and other acts of violence.

I often wonder why people are violent, why they shoot kids in schools, start wars, agree to participate in wars, and so on.

I never had an answer for why and accepted that “these things just happen and there is no reason.” But this never felt right.

Well, I recently came upon an answer from the hosts of the Raw Spirituality podcast that felt true. I found the answer in this episode titled Everyone Counts.

All violence is manifested from the belief in separation.

Zack Fuentes, Raw Spirituality

This was declared by the podcast host Zack Fuentes when explaining why the shootings in El Paso and Dayton happened, and why all other acts of violence happen.

He proceeded to say that “if we have repetitive thoughts of separation we are adding energy to the potential outcome in the belief of separation, which can look like all types of acts of violence.”

How do you prevent this separation?

You do what Jesus and other realized being did. You choose love.

The overall key to protection from all of this is love.

Zack Fuentes, Raw Spirituality

This was declared by Alyssa Malehorn, the other host of Raw Spirituality.

“Are you willing to use every feeling and situation as an opportunity to keep facing that direction and walking toward love, regardless of how uncomfortable it is?” Malehorn asked.

“If so, you’re not being used unwittingly to reinforce an old matrix that is on its way out.”

The old matrix is one of separation and violence. It says that we need to direct violence with violence and do such things as give teachers guns.

We cling to this old matrix because it’s what we know and, well, change is hard. But change will happen. In fact, the change has already started. It’s why meditation apps are currently trending. And, conversely, it’s why there are shootings, resulting from people clinging onto the old matrix.

Violence will stop occurring when we all let go of the old matrix. This will take time, courage, and uncomfortable actions, even sacrifices.

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