Use ego on off days to reach your intention

Ego makes me selfish and leads me to make hasty decisions. Intention fuels me to accomplish what I believe I am “intended” to do. Ego is greedy, intention is pure.

Here’s an example…

Ego: I will write screenplays, make money from them, get into showbiz, get introduced to cool people, and write stories from exotic places when I’m not on set.

Intention: I intend to write stories that get turned into movies worth watching, entertain people, open their minds, and even change the trajectory of their lives for the better.

But on some days intention isn’t all that motivating to me. Usually it is, but not always. So, to motivate myself to write on these off days to reach my intention — give people something good to watch — I can use ego to motivate myself.

My health coach told me about this approach yesterday and it didn’t make sense until this morning when I was reading The Power of Intention while drinking some hot lion’s mane mushroom tea.

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