Unpopular Opinions About Our Reaction to COVID-19

I’ve been insensitive to people’s fear and reactions during this time. I’ve been tempted to depart from the new love I recently discovered and return to old ways of anger and stubbornness.

Something has felt off. But my awareness caught it this morning. I did some yoga, and then, instead of doing my routine meditation, prayed for help returning to unconditional love and non-judgement.

Everything is perfect, but my response has been much less than. I’ve been using the situation to share what I think is wisdom and higher thinking, but this was just me falling into the trap.

Watch out for dem’ traps.

Below is what I wrote out of anger and frustration and the misconception that I understand better than others.

Outdated Opinions

This is how I feel about COVID-19 (i.e. the coronavirus) and our reaction to it. I’ve been reading how other people feel. Now I want to share how I feel.

If you’re in an agitated state right now, please do not read this. It might agitate your further as these are unpopular opinions. In the meantime, a good idea might be to watch your favorite comedy.

Finally, if you know someone who is suffering from or has passed from COVID-19, I love you and them so much.

  • COVID and coronavirus are names made up by someone else. You can call it whatever you want, like little bugger.
  • The odds of dying in a car crash are higher than dying from COVID. And most of us still choose to drive. And that’s okay.
  • Fear makes you susceptible to illness. When driving a car when you’re nervous (think driver tests), you’re more susceptible to error. When living in an anxious state, your immune system is more susceptible to the uncomfortable side effects of COVID.
  • The idea of COVID is more threatening than COVID itself. When I’m not social (media) distancing, much talk I hear is around anxiety in response to COVID, not COVID itself.
  • I have found myself excited by this at times, like when watching a horror movie. When this happens, it’s a good idea to turn off the TV, radio, phone, or computer. 
  • You are not a victim. But if you start believing you are, you become susceptible. To stop the belief, breathe through the heart. Let the neutrality of the present moment seep in. Side with love over fear. Eat healthy. Exercise. Make good decisions.
  • At the Starbucks drive through the other day, the man in front of me paid for my coffee, making me believe further that the little bugger is here to bring us together and try to disrupt the status quo of feeling separate.
  • I have heard the mainstream media mention this idea of the virus bringing us together. Following this narrative instead of the one of pandemic and panic is a beautiful idea.
  • Now is a very convenient time to start feeling heroic. But this is not love. It’s mandated. Think of a way you can go further, like Jesus on the cross.
  • The number of confirmed cases in the United States is currently around 100,000. And these are only for people who are tested. There are likely millions in the US that have COVID. Millions more will ensue. And that’s okay. Compared to other challenges in the world (alcoholism, other addictions, driving, hunger, planet degradation), COVID is very mild.
  • I recommend going to the hospital if you experience extreme suffering for longer than 1-2 days. I’ve suffered from prolonged periods of shortness of breath (asthma years ago) and extreme fears of dying (mental illness). One out of a hundred times the body, mind, and/or soul corrects itself.
  • The only time I went to the emergency room is when I was experiencing extreme suffering for three days. And when I got there, I realized I had no business being there. I was merely looking for validation that I’d be okay. In short, I went to the hospital due to lack of faith.
  • Now is a beautiful time to ask yourself what you believe in. If you don’t know, start searching, always siding with love over fear.

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