What You Do Influences The Whole (Caroline Myss)

According to Caroline Myss, a spiritual teacher that my girlfriend introduced me to, this is a mystical truth that we are only beginning to truly understand.

We can see this in the decisions we make about our carbon footprint (e.g. the movement sparked by climate activist Greta Thunberg), our desire to eliminate waste (e.g. starting to question plastics and bottled water), and being more conscious of the food we eat (e.g. eating more plants directly instead of using resources to grow 10x the amount of plants to feed livestock for 1/10 the calories).

Over the past few years, I’ve become shockingly aware of my connection to this whole, and many others have too. Some already were, even hundreds of years ago. But for people like me, we are just starting to become consciously connected.

Yes, it’s shocking. And it’s difficult and painful at times. But, thanks to Caroline Myss and other teachers and old souls, it’s becoming easier for me to manage and make sense of.

My decisions matter. Love is truth. We are all connected. These things used to fly by me. Now they are part of me. I’m evolving, changing. It’s like a spiritual growth spirt. And change is not easy, but it is necessary and, if you let it, beautiful.

Are you becoming sensitized to the whole?

It can feel uncomfortable—even painful at times, like suffering—but Caroline Myss reassures us that we’re on the right path. A beautiful path, up toward Love.

We’re beginning to grapple with a much higher perception that what I do actually does influence the whole.

That’s a mystical truth. But it’s actually making it’s way into a ground-level law.

What is in one is in the whole.

That’s always been true. The difference is we didn’t get it until now. Now we have to get it or we’re going to die. Now there’s no option. Now we have to grab this truth and incarnate it into every decision.

Now you’re going to start sensitizing yourself to the whole. You don’t even realize that you start getting downloads from the whole. Sacred contracts. Agreements. You can’t afford to think with only with your five senses because you will reduce the agreements to an occupation.

You must learn to think beyond reason because you’ll reduce everything to the illusion of this off-planet God that you hold, that you were born simply for a job. And that that job has to be something that impresses others, and gets even with those who humiliated you when you were younger. Because that would be your first order of business if left to your own devices. And if you think God will answer that prayer, you better think again. That is no prayer to carry in your heart.

Your highest potential is not to humiliate someone else. Your highest potential is to forgive them and let them go.

The battleground is between the ego that wants to smash them and the soul that knows it needs to let them go.

Caroline Myss

If this interests you, you can view/take Caroline Myss’s online courses here.

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