Routine 1.0: The foundation of routines to come

I’ve been working on building a routine over the past few months. It has mainly consisted of doing a light walk and yoga in the morning, taking a walk around lunchtime, and exercising at night. It also consisted of drinking less alcohol and caffeinated beverages, and more wholesome foods and less animal products. This is a good foundation, but I’ve been missing more days than I should. Continue reading “Routine 1.0: The foundation of routines to come”

Keep a routine but keep it flexible

Thirty minutes into yoga class today I started worrying about exercising enough. I anticipated sticking to my schedule of working out almost every evening, but I grew afraid that I wouldn’t have the energy to work out tonight because the yoga class was quite difficult. This worrying held me back from having a great yoga practice. Continue reading “Keep a routine but keep it flexible”