My weekday and weekend routines

Routines are important for helping me accomplish my goals and keep my head on my shoulders. My creative mind is often wandering and routines help keep that creativity organized, which alleviates a good deal of overwhelm and anxiety.

I wrote about a strong routine I had in 2013 that involved writing, exercising, and yoga. I still do these things to this day but I’ve incorporated a little more into my routine to help me achieve my goals.

To see how my routines change over time, and to keep myself on track with them, I thought it would be a good idea to write them here.

Routine (October 3 – 


  • breakfast and shower
  • yoga
  • morning walk (1 mile)
  • practice spanish (3o minutes)
  • afternoon walk (1 mile)
  • evening exercise (30+ minutes)
  • screenplay writing (1 hour)


  • massage (saturday)
  • yoga class (sunday)
  • screenplay writing (2 hours, each day)
  • Spanish (30 minutes, each day)

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