Routine 4.0: Slow Carb Diet, Cleansing Prep

I’m seeing a nutritionist to figure out the cause of my bloating and general discomfort. To prepare for the cleanse I anticipate he’ll put me on next week, I’m going to start eating healthy. For real. My previous routine4 was a healthy routine but I cheated too often. To prevent me from cheating this time around I’m putting $200 on the line with StickK.

I also want to lose fat. I listen to Tim Ferriss a lot and he recommends the slow carb diet for losing fat while gaining muscle. I like this diet because it’s simple. You basically eat the same thing every day. You can also cheat one day per week, though I won’t be cheating during this stint because I’ve been cheating enough already.

After my cleanse with the nutritionist, maybe I’ll return to doing the slow carb diet with the cheat day.

In addition to these nutrition changes, I’m going to dedicate one hour each evening to working on my remote job course site instead of writing posts on screenwriting. Instead of wasting time writing about screenwriting, I’ll focus my creative energy on writing screenplays.



  • Breakfast: organic beans, organic spinach, avocado and/or guacamole
  • Lunch: organic chicken, organic quinoa, organic mushrooms, organic green vegetable, olive oil
  • Dinner: healthy meal (living at home now so whatever mom makes 😛)


  • No caffeine
  • No alcohol
  • No snacks



  • 15-minute stretching (Monday, Wednesday)
  • 15-minute walk/jog (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday)
  • 15-minute meditation (Thursday, Saturday)


  • Sunday: Jogging
  • Monday: Chest and Abs
  • Tuesday: MMA Workout
  • Wednesday Arms and Legs
  • Thursday: Yoga
  • Friday: Back and Abs
  • Saturday: Rest


  • Screenplay (1 hour, every morning)
  • Remote Job Course (1 hour, every evening)

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