Routine 3.0: Simple and Realistic

I added too much detail to my previous routines. This routine is simpler and easier to follow. It’s also more realistic.

Examples: Thirty-minute workouts instead of 45-minute workouts. Indulging on Friday and Saturday instead of just Saturday. One hour of screenwriting in the morning instead of one page. (Having a deliverable early in the morning is stressful for me.)

Being realistic will set me up for success. In the past I’ve been idealistic which has led me to failure. I don’t think there’s been more than a day or two per week that I’ve gone without slipping from previous routines. Today that changes!

Update (3/17): I made changes in red. I’ve discovered that I’m dependent on certain substances (sweets, booze, and coffee) that I don’t need and are bad for me right now. I emphasize “right now” because this doesn’t mean I’ll never be able to consume them. Also, I’m seeing a nutritionist in a week and a half. He’ll probably put me on a detox plan. This will prepare me for that.



This is all the food you need. If you have a craving, drink herbal tea. Drink all the herbal tea you want.

  • Breakfast: Vegan smoothie
  • Lunch: Vegan meal
  • Dinner: Meat, grain, vegetable, glass of red wine (Don’t need.)
  • Snacks: vegan and low-cal


  • No coffee
  • No alcohol
  • Indulge responsibly on Friday and Saturday (For what? Choose experiences over food and booze.)



Be easy when doing these movements. Nourish your body with deep breaths and smiles.

  • Short stretching/meditation/yoga practice
  • 1-mile jog or light 10-minute workout Short walk/jog (Forcing myself to always jog can be stressful in the bad way, causing more harm than good.)


These workouts should not be overly stressful. Their main purpose is to get you in the habit of moving. They can be as short as thirty minutes.

  • Sunday: Jogging
  • Monday: Chest and Abs
  • Tuesday: HIIT Workout
  • Wednesday Arms and Legs
  • Thursday: Jogging
  • Friday: Back and Abs
  • Saturday: Rest


This doesn’t seem like much, but, compared to what you’re doing now, it is. And doing this much will motivate you to do more.

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