Routine 2.2: No coffee and keeping weekends even free-er

These are the small changes I’m making from Routine 2.1:

  • Stretch or do yoga before morning run. Not after. After I take my shower I’m ready to write and read. Not relax and meditate.
  • No cheat day on Saturday. Being able to drink three drinks is cheating enough.
  • Weekdays for workout routines — not weekends. Remove the Sunday workout. Add the Sunday workout to Wednesday. On the weekends, you like relaxing — not having to stick to a workout schedule. If a workout happens on the weekends, it happens. No pressure.
  • Three healthy meals instead of “conscious eating”. Conscious eating is very vague. I’m already conscious about the food I eat so don’t need to remind myself by building it into my routine. I’m grateful for this accomplishment.
  • No coffee. It makes you anxious.


      • Three healthy meals per day. No snacking. You don’t need it. You’re just fidgeting. Drink a hot cup of herbal tea instead.
      • Light drinking. One drink max weekday evenings. Three drinks max on the weekend and during special occasions.
      • Don’t consume anything after dinner. You don’t sleep well if you do. Except on weekends of course. You’ll probably do some drinking.


      • Morning rejuvenation. 15 minutes of yoga or stretching every morning.
      • Morning jog. One mile jog every morning.
        • Monday: Chest and abs
        • Tuesday: Cardio
        • Wednesday: Arms and legs
        • Thursday:Cardio
        • Friday: Back, shoulders, abs
        • Weekends: workout optionalDaily workout.


  • Screenwriting. At least one page every day.
  • Scriptreading. At least 10 pages every day. In the morning.

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