Routine 2.1: Keeping weekends for myself

Right now I’m juggling work for pay (B2B writing) and work for passion (screenwriting). The tricky thing is, I’m driven to make my B2B writing of the highest quality. This drive has been interfering with my screenwriting. And when I don’t contribute to my screenplay, I get stressed. I can also grow bitter toward the company I’m doing B2B writing for.

This isn’t good.

To fix this, I’m going to stop doing B2B writing on the weekends. I’ll reserve the weekend for screenwriting, exploration, and relaxation. B2B writing I don’t get done during working hours will be done on weekday evenings, after I do my evening workout.  And screenplay writing on the weekdays will be done in the morning. After all, passion should take priority. (This will require me to wake up earlier, around 6, in order to fit in my morning jog and yoga.)

I’m also going to switch my daily screenwriting page minimum from two pages to one page. I haven’t been delivering two pages. In fact, I haven’t been delivering at all. One page is more achievable. And when I’m doing one page like clockwork, I can move to a two page minimum. Two pages to start was too ambitious, especially when I’m working full-time and trying to stay physically fit.

In terms of exercise, I’ve been going for mile-long jogs after waking up in the morning. It feels good to sweat and breathe fresh air first thing. It’s challenging yet invigorating, even a substitute for coffee. I find it more exciting than the walking I once held myself to. After all, I do plenty of walking during the day and Boston is a running city. It accommodates this type of movement.

As for my 15-minute morning yoga sessions, I find yoga isn’t always the movement I need after getting out of the shower. Sometimes I feel like meditating or doing a light MMA workout. Therefore, I’m going to swap yoga with a more open “morning movement”.


  • Conscious eating. Eat more plant-based food than animal products. When eating animal products, try to buy them from healthy, sustainable environments.
  • Conscious drinking. One drink max weekday evenings. Three drinks max on the weekend and during special occasions.
  • Saturday is cheat day. Eat whatever you want without making yourself sick.
  • Don’t consume anything after dinner. You don’t sleep well if you do.


  • Morning jog. One mile jog every morning
  • Morning movement. Fifteen minutes of yoga, meditation, MMA — whatever my body needs — every morning
  • Evening workout:
    • Monday: Chest and abs
    • Tuesday: Cardio
    • Wednesday: Rest
    • Thursday: Back, shoulders, abs
    • Friday: Cardio
    • Saturday: rest
    • Sunday Arms and legs


    • Screenwriting. At least one page every day (delivered to Brianna).

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