Routine 2.0: Going easier on myself and accomplishing more

Routine 1.0  was restrictive and demanding. I was supposed to only eat meat on certain days and do a medium-to-intense workout every day. Because it was so demanding, I wasn’t able to do it. And when I didn’t do it, I stressed myself out.

For instance, I was on a date the other night and we ended up going to a Mexican restaurant — on the night I was supposed to eat vegan. I ate meat anyways. I felt really bad about it. Routine 2.0 is more flexible to accommodate special occasions like this.

As for exercising: I do a good bit of exercising in the morning already with my yoga routine and walking. This is more exercise than the majority of people do all day. And then I tell myself I need to work out every evening.

It’s too much. There’s little time left to enjoy life and relax. There’s also a limited amount of energy left for me to work on my screenplay.

Routine 2.0 will direct some of these issues.

Routine 2.0


  • Be conscious of the food you eat.

– Eat more plant-based food than animal products.

– When eating animal products, try to buy them from healthy, sustainable environments.

– Still, never consume dairy products.

  • Saturday is cheat day.

– Eat whatever the hell you want without making yourself sick.

  • Drink in moderation.

– One drink max weekday evenings.

– Three drinks max on the weekend and during special events.


  • Yoga

– 15 minutes every morning

  • Walking

– 20 minutes every morning

  • Workout

– Monday: Chest and abs

– Tuesday: Cardio

– Wednesday: Rest

– Thursday: Back, shoulders, abs

– Friday: Cardio

– Saturday: rest

– Sunday Arms and legs


  • Screenwriting

– Two pages every day (delivered to Brianna)

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