Routine 1.0: The foundation of routines to come

I’ve been working on building a routine over the past few months. It has mainly consisted of doing a light walk and yoga in the morning, taking a walk around lunchtime, and exercising at night. It also consisted of drinking less alcohol and caffeinated beverages, and more wholesome foods and less animal products. This is a good foundation, but I’ve been missing more days than I should.

A daily routine is meant to be done daily. Missing a day here and there is fine, but missing weeks in a row messes you up. It brings you back to bad habits. For instance, this morning I drank three cups of coffee in a row right after waking up — and dove right into work — before doing my morning routine. This messed me up good. It felt like I had a giant fly for a brain. The fly is still buzzing a little, which is why I’m here, writing this now.

I need to solidify a routine. This isn’t an optional routine. This is a daily routine, meant to be done daily. I’ve experienced the terrible psychological impacts that veering from a healthy routine has. Now I need to work to avoid these unpleasant events. They make the world seem dark, and I am not dark. I am bright. The world is bright.

I’m grateful for making it this far in building a strong foundation for an initial documented routine. Documenting it will help me stick to it. That’s how I work. Writing it and publishing the routine makes it a personal contract. If I don’t honor it, I don’t honor myself. And not honoring oneself is serious business. I love myself. I will honor myself.

The nice thing about this routine is that it’s version 1.0. If I feel a small change is needed, I add that to version 1.1. For instance, maybe I will feel like drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is just fine. (Maybe it’s good for my bowel movements!) And if I make a handful of small changes, I can create a version 2.0.

A routine creates a healthy lifestyle. This is fun stuff. I’m excited to give myself the opportunity to consistently feel good. Here we go…

Routine 1.0

Dietary Stuff

  • Eat animal products on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for dinner to sustain B12 levels (never any dairy products though)
  • Only eat three wholesome meals per day except for Saturday when a “dessert cheat” is allowed
  • One drink max in the evening (and two drinks max on Saturday and at special events: parties, celebrations, events, meeting new people)
  • No caffeine


  • 30 minutes of reading (a book) or writing (on paper)
  • 15-minute yoga or meditation
  • 20-minute walk


  • 20-minute walk


  • 30-minute minimum workout (yoga class, home youtube workout, weight lifting, running, cycling, etc)
  • 1-hour screenplay writing

I’m holding myself accountable to this for 2 weeks by putting money on the line for an anti-charity through Stickk. If I miss a day, $50 goes to support a marriage foundation against gay marriage rights. Awful.

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