Why does it take so long for hiring managers to reply to my job application?

There are few companies that review every application they receive. And there are even fewer that keep you updated about the status of your application. One remote company called Zapier updates job applicants at least once a week, but don’t expect updates like this from other jobs you apply to.

The reality is that many job applicants won’t hear back from half the companies they apply to and will receive an automated “not a good fit” response from the other half of the companies they apply to.

But this doesn’t have to be your fate! By optimizing your resume and cover letter you can increase your chances of receiving a direct response from a hiring manager at a remote company.

I provide many optimization tips in the remote job course, but the two biggest ones are to keep your resume to one page and add a bulleted list to your cover letter with three, short ideas about how you’d grow the company.

If you don’t put time into optimizing your resume and cover letter, you can’t expect a company to put time into replying to your application.

In short, you get what you give.

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