How to get full-time remote jobs with ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is one of the largest online job boards. It’s not a remote-specific job board, but there are many remote job opportunities featured on it. It’s also very easy to apply to jobs because of its one-click apply feature.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you everything you can do to leverage ZipRecruiter as a tool for your remote job search.

Optimizing your ZipResume

Before you start applying to remote jobs on ZipRecruiter, you should optimize your ZipResume for remote work opportunities. Doing this will help you get interviews with jobs you apply to. It will also help hiring managers at remote companies find you.

Before you start working on your ZipResume, upload a polished version of your original resume.

Upload original resume on ZipRecruiter

I recommend using VisualCV for your original resume. In addition to having a beautiful online version of your resume, you can download it as a PDF, see how many people view your resume, where they view it from, and much more. (Here’s my VisualCV.)

After doing this, it’s time to optimize your ZipResume.

Go to the ZipResume tab and click Edit ZipResume.

Edit ZipResume option on ZipRecruiter

You’ll arrive on a page with a menu on the right hand side. In the menu you’ll see a list of sections you can add to your ZipResume.

At a minimum, add the following sections:

  • Executive Summary: This should be two sentences. In the first sentence, mention your profession and that you work remotely or want to work remotely. In the next sentence, elaborate on what you do, adding in any keywords relevant to your profession.

  • Objective: Write one sentence about how you’re looking for a remote job at a certain type of company (startup, small business, established company, etc)

  • Employment History: Add all the previous jobs you’ve had that are relevant to your current profession. For each position, add 3 to 5 accomplishments. Start each accomplishment with a verb and make it one line. When possible, back up what you say with a quantifiable number (see examples in my resume below).

  • Education: Self-explanatory

  • Achievements: Write down at least one major accomplishment that makes you unique.

Keep these tips in mind when editing your ZipResume:

  • Each line represents a new bullet point in the summary area of the Employment History and Achievements section. Try to keep each bullet point to one line for readability purposes.

  • To add a new position to the Employment History section, click the +Add Employment tab in the right-hand menu.

  • If you add a second or third position to your Employment History section, the fields will auto-populate with information from the previous position you added. Delete this information and add the information relevant to the position you’re currently adding.

When you’ve completed your ZipResume, click Save ZipResume in the top right part of the page.

Here’s what my ZipResume looks like:

Example of a completed ZipResume for a remote job candidate

Finding remote jobs on ZipRecruiter

Finding remote jobs on ZipRecruiter isn’t as easy as it is on Indeed and remote-only job boards, but remote job opportunities do exist here. And because ZipRecruiter is one of the largest online job boards, it’s worth spending time on, especially because there’s an easy one-click apply option for many jobs.

To find remote jobs on ZipRecruiter, enter your profession in the keyword field of the search box on the main page. Following the phrase/word for your profession, enter the word “remote”.

Because I’m a content marketer, my search looks like this:

Example of a remote job search on ZipRecruiter

Click Search Jobs.

Note: Don’t put anything in the location field. If you put the word “remote” in the location field, you’ll only see jobs in a city called Remote, Oregon.

On the search results page, you’re looking for job opportunities that 1) have the word “remote” in the job title and 2) have the one-click apply option.

For instance, as a content marketer and writer for tech startups, this is the perfect opportunity for me:

Example of the perfect remote job opportunity on ZipRecruiter

Because I already created my resume, I can click the 1-Click Apply button. After I do that, my resume is sent directly to the hiring manager.

Note: Sometimes you’ll be asked if you want to include a cover letter, which you should always do. To learn how to create a cover letter that grabs hiring managers’ attention at remote companies, check out this post.

Jobs that don’t have the one-click apply option are usually added by ZipRecruiter from an external website. This can either be the hiring company’s website or another job board site. These jobs take much longer to apply to. So, instead of applying to them now, save them to your Saved Jobs folder on ZipRecruiter by clicking the star next to them.

The star button on ZipRecruiter to save jobs with

Continue going through the search result pages and applying to jobs with the one-click option and starring jobs without it.

If a job appears in the search results but doesn’t have the word “remote” in the title, click on the title so you can view the full job description.

If the word “remote” is in the job description, you need to find the context in which “remote” is being used. For instance, some job postings may say “Do not apply if you’re looking for a remote job opportunity.”

To easily find where the word “remote” is in the job description, press Ctrl+F or Command+F depending on whether you’re using a Windows or Mac.

Search with different keywords

To find the most amount of remote job opportunities possible on ZipRecruiter, enter different keyword combinations in the keyword search field.

As someone specializing in content and marketing, here are some different combinations I used:

  • content remote
  • content marketer remote
  • content strategist remote
  • content manager remote

Continue applying to relevant jobs that have the one-click option and saving relevant jobs that don’t have it.

When you’ve exhausted all of the different keyword combinations for your profession, go to your saved folder and start applying to the job opportunities on external sites.

Note: To keep track of the jobs you apply to on external websites, check out this post. I provide a Google Sheet you can copy and use to organize your remote job search.

Set up alerts for remote job opportunities

To get notified about relevant remote jobs that are added to ZipRecruiter, go to the Job Alerts page. In the menu next to Alert Frequency, select whether you want to receive alerts every day, week, or month.

Create a job alert for each keyword combination you used and had success finding remote job opportunities with. To create a new alert, click the Create Job Alert button.

Here’s what my job alerts page looks like:

Example of job alerts for remote job opportunities on ZipRecruiter

And that’s all there is to it!

You can use this same approach to find and apply to jobs on LinkedIn Jobs. Similar to ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn Jobs has a one-click apply option and doesn’t let you put “remote” into the location field.

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