The Remote Job Mini Course

Learn how to find, apply to, and land a full time remote job. This short course contains some of the core tactics I used to land three full time remote jobs and dozens of interviews with remote companies throughout my career.

This free course is for you if you want to:

  • Travel more without worrying about money ✈️
  • Create a flexible work schedule to accommodate your dream lifestyle 🌈
  • Replace commute time with walks, hobbies, workouts, and leisure ☀️

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Get instant access to five core lessons.

Lesson 1: Find Three Remote Jobs

There are hundreds of job boards now for finding remote opportunities. I show you the best ones and give you a template for organizing your job search.

Lesson 2: Create an Online Resume

Create a web-based resume that puts you on hiring managers’ shortlist. I show you how to create one from start to finish.

Lesson 3: Create an Idea-First Cover Letter

Instead of leading with long-winded paragraphs about yourself, lead with ways you’d help the business. I give you a template that makes this easy.

Lesson 4: Apply to Remote Jobs on AngelList

Find remote work opportunities at promising startups. I show you how to stand out from hundreds of other applicants on AngelList.

Lesson 5: Get a Second-Round Interview

I tell you exactly what to do and say during your remote interview to increase your chances of moving on to the next round.

Meet your course instructor.

That’s me, Rob, on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland when I was traveling the world while working remotely. I created this course because when I was traveling people always asked how they could work remotely like me.

I dedicate this course to them and now extend it to you. Whether you want to travel like I did or simply have more flexibility to do things that are important to you, this course will help you get there.


“I work with remote workers every day and have never seen anyone land a remote job as fast as Rob. If you want to work remotely, take this course.” Blaine Anderson, Travel Designer