How to Receive Alerts for New Remote Jobs on Indeed

Indeed is a major job board and one of the few major job boards that lets you search specifically for remote jobs. You can use Indeed’s platform to receive mail alerts any time a new remote job opportunity is listed by a company that matches your job search criteria.

I have used Indeed before to land interviews at remote companies. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use its job alert feature so you can land some too.

Setting up this feature will give you an advantage over applicants who have not set it up. By getting notified about new job opportunities immediately after they’re posted, you can apply before the majority of other applicants. Applying early will greatly increase your chances of getting an interview.

Setting up job alert emails on Indeed

Step 1: Create account or log in

To set up email alerts for remote job opportunities on Indeed, create an Indeed account if you don’t already have one. If you do have one, sign in.

If you’re creating an account, don’t fill in your Indeed profile now or upload your resume. You can do that later when you start applying to remote jobs on the platform. Instead, go back to the homepage.

Go to your email inbox and confirm your email address before moving forward.

Step 2: Enter job title and location

After creating an account or logging in, go to the homepage.

At the top of the page you’ll see a job search box.

In the job title field, enter the name of your desired position. In the location field, enter the word remote. In the example below we’ll assume that I’m looking for remote job listings for content marketers.

Click Find Jobs.

Step 3: Enable job alerts

In the right column on the page that appears you’ll see a box that says be the first to see [your desired position] jobs in remote. You should also see your email address listed in the email field.

To start receiving email alerts for new remote jobs relevant to your desired position, click Activate.

Click the tiny link that appears that says Job alerts active. This will take you to a page called My Subscriptions. On this page, you will see the job alert you just created in the Job alert emails section.

Step 4: Edit email alert frequency

By default you will receive remote job digests for your desired position every day.

To receive digests weekly instead of daily, click the pencil icon next to the blue toggle button. In the Frequency section, click Weekly. Then click Save.

Leave the frequency checked as Daily if you are aggressively applying to remote jobs.

And that’s it. Now you’ll receive email alerts from Indeed about new remote jobs posted that align with your desired position.

In the meantime, you can start applying to remote jobs that are already listed on indeed.

Go Further on Indeed

To have a better chance of getting hired through indeed for a remote position, you can follow this video tutorial that I made a few years ago. Halfway through the tutorial I give you some tips for optimizing your Indeed resume and applying to remote jobs through Indeed.

Indeed’s design has changed a little since I created this video but most of the core features are the same.

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