Testing myself to remember a random moment fifteen years ago

In my pre-teenage years, I had a maroon rain jacket by JNCO that I liked very much.

One day, while walking home from the forest to my house, I was wearing this jacket and randomly decided to try to remember the moment I was experiencing.

There was nothing special about the moment. It was part of a day that was was rainy, quiet, and uneventful. But testing myself to remember a moment of that day was important to me at the time. I wanted something that I could always look back on.

So, while walking home, I took in my surroundings, what I was wearing, my mood, and burned it all into my memory. I thought, “I can’t forget that I remembered this moment.” And I haven’t forgotten it to this day.

It was a random moment. Nothing special about it. I just wanted to test myself. And here I am, more than fifteen years later, remembering that moment.

I did it.

Why? Maybe because I was wiser than I gave myself credit for back then. Remembering that moment wasn’t about testing my memory. It was about remembering myself. I look back to that day and don’t remember a boy. I remember an earlier version of myself. And I haven’t changed.

The soul doesn’t change. Only the environment outside of it does. Remembering myself in a random moment helped me realize this.

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