You Can Invest In These Public Companies that Support Remote Work

If you’re a remote work advocate and US citizen who has some extra money saved up, you can invest in companies supporting remote work through trading platforms like Etrade. As someone who has been working remotely for the last four years and recently began investing in public companies, I think this is so cool.

At the time of this writing, some publicly traded companies like Zoom that have remote-driven products seem to be overvalued for the short term. But they still seem like good investments for the long term since remote work is only becoming more popular with large companies like Twitter giving most employees the choice to work remotely indefinitely.

Below, I will show you publicly traded companies with products that I use and trust that make products that support remote work. I will also show you publicly traded companies with remote work cultures you can invest in.

Note: Please don’t take this information as financial advice since I am not a financial expert. These are just my opinions as a remote worker who thinks investing in companies that support remote work is cool.

Public Companies with Remote Work Tools

These companies are not listed in random order. The companies listed toward the top are the companies I find the most interesting in terms of product creation, company vision, and investment opportunity.

Note: All stock market and analyst data was collected on May 21, 2020. Click the See more link in the bulleted list under each company to see the latest data.

Atlassian (TEAM)

Atlassian makes software development and collaboration tools like JIRA. Every tech company I’ve worked at as a remote worker uses this tool. Atlassian supports the human-centric idea of open work. It also acquired Trello in 2017 which is one of my favorite organizational tools. Most recently they announced that they are acquiring Halp, a tool that turns Slack into an internal help desk solution.

  • Analyst Consensus – Strong Buy
  • Share Price$181
  • See more

Slack (WORK)

Slack makes an enterprise-grade chat app that streamlines team communication. All of the companies I’ve worked with as a remote worker use this tool. In my experience, it is often preferred over competing apps like Microsoft Teams. Even companies like the one I’m at now that use Microsoft 365 choose Slack. Atlassian used to sell an enterprise chat solution called HipChat but that offering is now free and Atlassian promotes Slack.

  • Analyst Consensus – Moderate Buy
  • Share Price$32
  • See more

Zoom (ZM)

Zoom is a video conferencing tool with enterprise-grade quality and features. It’s different from other offerings like Cisco Webex and GoToMeeting because it is incredibly easy to use and has a very robust free-forever plan. This plan is a very powerful marketing tool for growing its subscriber base. Every company I’ve been with in the last two years has switched to using Zoom.

  • Analyst Consensus – Moderate Buy
  • Share Price$172
  • See more

Public Companies with Remote Work Cultures

Twitter (TWTR)

Twitter was the first large tech company to announce that employees could work from home permanently, even after coronavirus restrictions lift. Twitter also owns Square, the popular point of sale software, and announced that Square employees could work from home forever as well. Twitter’s share prices have been rocky throughout the years, but they are on the rise again and shot up after these announcements were made.

  • Analyst Consensus – Hold
  • Share Price$32
  • See more

Shopify (SHOP)

Shopify is the largest and most trusted ecommerce platform and recently updated the work anywhere page on its website. The page claims that Shopify is digital by default, saying that “it means the freedom to work from anywhere and the opportunity to build solutions that help Shopify’s merchants and partners innovate through chaos and emerge, stronger and more adaptable than ever before.” Shopify’s share price has doubled in the past few months but is probably still a good long term investment.

  • Analyst Consensus – Moderate Buy
  • Share Price$803
  • See more

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