New Music Monday 3/23/20 – Stuck in Strawberry System

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Do you ever feel like a strawberry being blended into a system of thoughts and beliefs that seem to become one with you, like a smoothie? It doesn’t feel right. But then, listening to the music, like the new track Special berry from Standards you remember, I am not a strawberry!

You remember that you’re a human being, with discernment and choice. To not be blended, to not be afraid. You also remember that you are not a victim, though you feel compassion—like David Clayton-Thomas in the new track The System—for those who feel victimized,

You feel like screaming, like Haru Nemuri in Pink Unicorn. And this is good. Because it will prevent you from storing any victimhood and anger and judging others—something Colin Phils warns against in Petty McSnarkerson. “I can only do what I can do. Take your judgements keep them to yourself.”

But this is all silly strawberry business. Life is good. And it’s Spring! The time when free-thinking, free-feeling strawberries dance outside of the blender, to tracks like Thrive by Hexlogic.

Standards – Special Berry

Genre: Math Rock | Vibe: Everything’s Good

I discovered math rock when I was a melancholy teenager and I re-discover it now with Standards when I feel like a strawberry growing on a sunny hillside.

David Clayton-Thomas – The System

Genre: Blues | Vibe: Unfortunately Honest

This one reminds me of how good I have it, and how those caught up in the US justice system—and the system of drugslinging and gunslinging—deserve more compassion, understanding, and love.

Haru Nemuri – Pink Unicorn

Genre: Japanese Pop-Rock | Vibe: Angsty

This will give you more jolt than your morning coffee, plus it’s in Japanese so it can mean whatever you want. Use it as you wish. There’s a lull in the middle but it’s still a great track.

Colin Phils – Petty McSnarkerson

Genre: Math Rock | Vibe: Twangy

It’s easy to judge, much harder (and worthwhile) to keep your judgements to yourself and transmute them into something more positive. This song reminds me of that.

Hexlogic – Thrive

Genre: House | Vibe: Springtime

This one is beautiful as is, but if you play the song on two different sound systems to the same beat, spaced 24 seconds apart, it’s orgasmic.

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