New Music Monday 3/9/20 — Light Always Wins

This week we have a battle between love and ownership with tracks by Soren Bryce and Esme Patterson, and one between dark and light with a track from The Airborne Toxic Event.

Some jam band vibes and British rock are mixed in for balance. However, as usual, the light always wins. This victory is especially pronounced with my most-listened to track of the week by Deacon Blue.

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify or on YouTube and check out the individual tracks below. Enjoy!

Pool Cosby, Soren Bryce — Back

Genre: Sample-Based | Vibe: Sweet and Sour

“Keep coming back, we fade to black”

Tangy production by Pool Cosby complements Soren Bryce waxing nostalgic about a love addiction.

Deacon Blue — Intervals

Genre: Sophisti Pop | Vibe: Twinkly

“When you grow up to be a star, don’t leave home for anything less than you are”

For those who yearn for Christ-like love and want something more original and subtle than traditional Christian pop rock.

Grouplove — Youth

Genre: Electropop | Vibe: Sensual

“Stay in this moment or you’ll find yourself runnin’ out of time”

Inspires me to swap the question “How old are you?” with “How young are you?” since youth is eternal, true, and, of course, sexy.

Esmé Patterson — Momentito

Genre: Future Folk | Vibe: Fun Loving

“No, I don’t want to own you; well, not for more than a moment at a time”

Speaks to the little desire in all of us to make the people we love our own and love the people we think we don’t want to love.

Mosses — T.V. Sun

Genre: Jam | Vibe: Optimistic Trip

Sounds like a jam band session that would take place in a cafe basement of Arabia, the location of a secret night life.

The Airborne Toxic Event — Come On Out

Genre: Alternative | Vibe: Encouraging

“I’m just a shadow of a shadow tonight”

If you like The Killers and a bit of 70s rock you’ll enjoy this.

Cornershop — Slingshot

Genre: British Rock | Vibe: Muffled Sunshine

I have no idea what’s being said, which somehow makes it even better.

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