New Music Monday 2/24/20 —Heroic, Nothing Less

What’s happening to me?! After listening to hundreds of tracks over the past four days I only found four that I desired share and listen to more than a few times. And I think I know why.

The same thread is weaved throughout these four tracks (by four different artists). If you were in a craft store, the thread would have an uncommon color. It would have always been there, but you would have never noticed it until today. A day when you were feeling lost yet hopeful, teetering between utterly confused and joyous.

When you talked to the store manager, asking her when this new color of thread arrived, she might reply: “It’s been here as long as I can remember. I don’t know why we keep it around. It doesn’t sell. But we keep it. I think because it’s quite pretty. A few people like it.”

I’m moving through an awakening and these tracks/threads resonated with me the most.

You can listen to the (short) playlist on Spotify or on YouTube, or check out the individual tracks below!

Vasa — Heroics

Vibe: Joyous | Genre: Instrumental Rock

You know a song is good when your body reacts. After listening to this track, I watched the music video and it made me laugh in a joyous way. It was the best moment of my day. This is the track I listened to the most this week.

Mount Sharp — Apostate

Vibe: Healing | Genre: Alternative

According to their Bandcamp page, this song is part of an album that was inspired by years of figuring out how to be kinder to ourselves, and about everything that pulls us to look behind ourselves when we should be looking up and dreaming.

Greg Dulli — Marry Me

Vibe: Accepting | Genre: Alternative

One of my favorite albums of 2014 was Do to the Beast by The Afghan Whigs. So when this song came on by their frontman I was intrigued. Something started burning in me, slowly and tender, like Greg Dulli’s voice.

STEVE—I Am Steve

Vibe: Fun | Genre: Pop/Rock

This dude’s name is Steve, but he’s not the only Steve. There are many other Steves. So how can he only be Steve? This song is a fun way to question your identity without sending your ego into a state of crisis.

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