New Music Monday 2/17/20—Keep the Light Alive

Last week I experienced a heartache and longing, a frustration and craving, a cavity of love and meaning. The energy was difficult, as was finding music that I could connect with. Any music that was an iota less than genuine and loving was unbearable for me to listen to, which is why there are only four tracks this week.

These are the tracks that helped me fill the cavity. Or, I could say, these are the songs that helped me delete forever the illusion of the cavity and keep the light alive.

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify or on YouTube, or check out the individual tracks below. Enjoy!

Grimes — Delete Forever

Vibe: Remembering | Genre: Pop/Rock

If you‘ve seen the movie The Cell and found it intriguing, you’re going to love this new track and video from Grimes, the woman who’s currently with Elon Musk. She says this song is for friends she has lost to opioids, but you can find all sorts of different healing power within it.

Elephant Stone — Keep the Light Alive

Vibe: Wonderment | Genre: Pop/Rock

How do you keep the light alive? You keep the light alive by inquiring like children do (as they do at the beginning of this song), not thinking too much about it, and getting back outside and playing.

CHVRN — Faded

Vibe: Transformational | Genre: Electronic

This Russian deejay always seems to battle through the chill of suffering and come out victorious on the other side, acknowledging the suffering but not clinging to it in order to create something beautiful and balanced.

Eerie Gaits — What’s Eating You

Vibe: Accomplished | Genre: Instrumental

This is what it sounds like to come out on the other side of experiencing all the hard emotions you need to experience in order to move on.

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