New Music Monday 2/10/20

Desires and truths bubbling to the surface. Lying on the floor, red lights reflecting off the white ceiling. Lying in bed, thinking of the future. Looking at the streetlight through the crack of the bedroom curtain, at what is. Listening to the music. Feeling the connection with the help of Nada Surf’s new track “Looking for You” that promises “what you’re looking for’s looking for you, too (don’t move).”

The Playlist

You can listen to the full playlist on Spotify or a partial version of the playlist below on YouTube.

The Tracks

Click the track link to play in Spotify or play below with the YouTube player, if available. You can also find little notes about my experience with each track. 😙

Groundhog Day by Lane 8

Vibe: Chill| Genre: Electronic

I was laying in my bed one night, just before the full moon. Many of my emotions were coming to the surface. Fear, excitement, love. But mostly excitement. For something different and new yet also familiar at the same time. This song made me feel at home in my feelings, especially my feeling of excitement.

Looking for You by Nada Surf

Vibe: Hopeful| Genre: Alternative

This song takes the win this week for best lyrics. They relate to our search for meaning in life, as well as the meaning that’s searching for us. And it will come. In fact, it’s already right here. Right in front of you. According to Nada Surf “what you’re looking for’s looking for you, too (don’t move).”

Wasted by William Prince

Vibe: Honest| Genre: Singer/Songwriter

I was visiting my mom earlier in the week, before the new album by this guy was released, and she was playing William Prince in the background while we sat and chatted. I liked it but didn’t ask about it. When I sent her this track, she said “This is the guy I was playing when you visited.” Coincidence?

Change of Heart by Steven Buscemi’s Diary

Vibe: Dreamy| Genre: Alternative

How this song starts is so dreamy, like a piano whisk in a rainbow heaven world. Though there are a few threads of strife throughout it. The swedish singer Siri Sjöberg said this about the song: “I wrote the song last winter when there was a governmental crisis in Sweden. It’s up to each listener to interpret the lyrics but it’s definitely about Swedish politics.”

holy anxious by Super Whatevr

Vibe: Sincere | Genre: Mainstream

This track and band remind me of something I would have listened to in high school, and while the sound does not resonate with me anymore, there’s something in the feeling of this song that is close to (yet not quite touching) a deep yearning for something more (God, love) that can cause anxiety.

Shooting Arrows by Lane 8

Vibe: Chill | Genre: Electronic

As the full moon came into itself a night later, I came into myself a bit more as well, finding peace with the emotions that were rising to the surface. Less excitement, more calm, yet still passionate about life, even though my body was feeling a bit funky.

Bonus: If you like these tracks by Lane 8 you’ll probably like the track Atlas from an earlier album.

Sat By a Tree by Dan Deacon

Vibe: Fun | Genre: Experimental

If I liked the chaos of the group Animal Collective, this is what it would sound like in another world. Only, I don’t have to go to another world. I found it in this world with Dan Deacon. Maybe you will, too?

Put Me Out by Lonker

Vibe: Smart | Genre: Instrumental Rock

I was lying on the floor at night, back against the shag carpet, looking up at the white ceiling illuminated by red lights and this came on. It was meditative. A good track for the mind.

Ryan by Surf Philosophies

Vibe: Sarcastic | Genre: Synth Pop

Silly and interesting with a catchy chorus and lyrics that could be meaningful in their meaninglessness. I’ll let you decide.

This music playlist is a product of the desire I’ve had since a child to curate and share original music that sounds good and makes you feel good or, at least, helps you connect with your self and the world around you in a good way. It’s also a response to my frustration with New Music Friday mixes that contain mainstream tracks lacking originality.

There is good music out there. My mission is to find it. Enjoy, and let me know which track is your favorite in the comments below!

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