Movies as marketing for human opportunities

I wonder why I’m fascinated by movies. They captivated me as a child, and still do today as a form of entertainment, but what about them makes me want to write them? What makes me want to be a screenwriter?

Well, when I’m not working on my screenplay, I’m working on marketing projects. And I’m fortunate that many of these marketing projects involve writing,  my communication medium of choice.

As a marketer, movies are fascinating to me. There are human opportunities that I endlessly ponder and movies present an interesting way to make these opportunities known. In movies, these opportunities are called themes.

Currently I’m thinking about the themes that drive my screenplay. Not all good movies need a strong theme, but themes are what get me going. I want to inspire people to challenge a status quo or long-held belief they’ve adopted without asking why the adopted it.

The ideal movie theme is drive by something I believe in passionately and have tireless questioned the legitimacy of.

I could write an article about my outlook on life and the things that make it, but writing itself falls short of impact compared to movies. Movies combine writing with moving images and relatable characters. They can transcend the confines of reality. This often creates an entertainment element that’s impossible for mere text to match. At least for me. (I understand there are many who find novels more entertaining than movies.)

Anyways, what I’m getting at is this: Movies are a fun and (hopefully) effective way for me to market ideas I truly believe in. As a writer who wants his voice heard, that’s exciting.

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