Mike Posner created the most important podcast of 2017 (and maybe my life)

I almost didn’t discover the most important podcast of 2017, and maybe my life. The first few minutes of the first episode I listened to was different. Too different. Not what I was searching for.

The host would pause for what’s an eternity in podcasting: five seconds or longer, sometimes in the middle of a sentence.

Silence. This was new. It made me uneasy, anxious.

Who is this guy? I thought. I don’t have time for this. I need something now. I’m productive, someone who makes efficient use of his time.

But then I settled. The sun was shining. It warmed my face and body through the windshield of my car as I drove. And slowly I remembered that I, like the podcast I was listening to, am different.

I need more different. Less of the same. Less of the ramblings about productivity and calls to get out and do something.

Something. We always need something. We’re always wishing for something. But how do we appreciate what we already have? How do we practice not wanting anything.

Meditation, yoga, awareness, taking slow walks, journaling, reflecting, loving… everyone and everything. These things help.

But how do we transition into doing them? How do we realize their importance? How do we transition away from being humans crippled by a society of labels, traps, and power into something more whole? Something where nothing is required for us except for being our original self. And how do we discover this self?

For podcast lovers, Mike Posner’s new podcast What Does All This Mean? is a good place to start to answer these important questions.

Thanks, Mike.

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