Little Evil: A movie for step-parents who think their step-kid is the anti-christ

Title: Little Evil

Genre: Comedy

Description: A newly-married man with a good heart struggles with being a stepdad because his stepson is the antichrist.

Little Evil isn’t a dark comedy. It’s just a comedy with a dark premise. Dark comedies are often dramatic or disturbing in some way, but this movie is all giggles. It’s just for fun. No serious face needed. Turn your mind off and allow yourself to enjoy.

The best part of this movie isn’t the script or directing. The best part is the actor Adam Scott, the asshole brother of Will Ferrell‘s character in Step Brothers. While there are a few good scenes and funny characters, the movie is carried by him and his comical mannerisms.

Verdict: Watch this if you feel like turning your brain off for a little and having a laugh or two. You should also watch this if you have stepchildren, especially if you’re a stepdad.

Watch here.

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