VP Of Marketing

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Are you a creative and outside of the box marketing expert? Are you a true evangelist for the cryptocurrency industry and for exiting traditional finance? Exodus is looking for a strategic VP of marketing that works to market Exodus in a way that makes people feel inspired to exit the traditional financial system and participate in the future of money.


  • Identify, analyze, and track key metrics to understand where Exodus content needs to be and how it should be presented.
  • Implement reporting structure to communicate data findings consistently to key stakeholders.
  • Design and implement a long-term content marketing strategy focusing on SEO, YouTube, Blog development, and growth in places we need to be that we are not yet.
  • Plan and market a premier referral program that turns our customers into evangelists of our product who are intrinsically motivated to share our product with everyone they know.

Who You Are

  • You have ample experience with cryptocurrency and have an innate passion for what the future of finance looks like. Industry experience could be a plus or a minus. We haven’t seen another company or campaign in the space that has really inspired us…yet.
  • You are an expert in marketing and can communicate so well internally and externally that other people don’t have to be a marketing expert to understand what your mission is. You’ve built another marketing team from the group up before and would be excited to do that again, somewhere else.
  • You’re incredibly humble and open to constructive feedback.
  • You live and breathe in the nuances of social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube and know how to communicate our mission effectively throughout the web.


  • You take initiative. We all tend to wear different hats from time to time, so we encourage trying out new things.
  • You’re passionate. Exodus is not just a job, it’s a mission.
  • You’re empathetic. The ability to give and receive feedback with empathy is instrumental in individual growth and company growth.
  • You’re focused on delivery. We are results-oriented and need self-starters who don’t wait around for direction.
  • You’re willing to roll up your sleeves and get in the trenches if necessary.


  • Freedom to work wherever you want, whenever you want.
  • An opportunity to build the future. Cryptocurrencies lay the foundation to the internet of value, the next major wave in application technology and personal finance.
  • A collaborative and feedback-driven culture.
  • The opportunity to grow.
  • Fair pay, no matter where you live along with a competitive benefits package.

To apply for this job please visit www.exodus.io.