Software Engineer (React / Node )

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You will work on delivering digital transformation projects at FTSE-100 companies, predominately using NodeJS and React (although we’re not restricted to only using these and will work with the most suitable tools).
You will be expected to work on-site during various customer engagements, typically within Central London.


A YLD Software Engineering Consultant is a highly-skilled developer who exemplifies the highest standard in software engineering and enjoys sharing their knowledge and experience with others.
It would be great if you have experience in some front-end frameworks (e.g. React or Vue) and an understanding of back-end architecture, scalability and deployments (even if in languages other than Node.js).
You’ll have the opportunity to build and deliver software within some interesting projects, both in terms of the product and the methodology. We work in an Agile environment (Scrum) with a test-first mindset (actually, writing code without tests should be unthinkable). We are also big advocates of pair programming and nothing is released until we have a code review.
You have a real passion for problem-solving, you are an active learner and get excited by working collaboratively with those around you.
    • Experienced in JavaScript, including concepts like asynchronous programming, closures and ES6
    • Strongly experienced in Node.js and React development
    • Experience in databases (both relational and schema-less)
    • A strong focus on continuous integration and delivery
    • Strong focus in testing (experience with latest tooling)
    • Building high-performance and scalable applications
    • A working knowledge of application security, authentication and related cryptography
    • Good understanding of design and implementation of RESTful web services
    • Familiarity with performance monitoring tools
    • You can keep a cool-head when debugging production issues

Non-technical competencies

    • Problem-solving skills that balance innovation with pragmatic technology choices to solve business needs
    • Comfortable working in a dynamic production environment and take care of client expectations effectively
    • Distinct customer focus and quality mindset
    • Good communication skills (both verbal and written)
    • Legally able to stay and work in the UK


    • 6 months fully paid maternity and paternity leave
    • £2,000 yearly allowance for training / conferences
    • £300 hardware budget
    • Minimum of 25 days holiday (excluding Public Holidays)
    • Mentorship through fortnightly 1:1s

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