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All of our infrastructure and systems have gone through several iterations, but have ultimately been built by a small/scrappy team of passionate developers without significant prior sysadmin experience. Our platform these days is pretty solid, but it took us a long time and a lot of trial and error to get here. What we’re looking for now is a confident sysadmin, capable of helping our team taking our infrastructure to the next level.


For this position, we’re explicitly looking for someone experienced (5+ years sysadmin experience) and confident in taking on a broad set of responsibilities managing, deploying and maintaining complex projects across several different environments.

Extensive experience in systems management and automation is a must. Experience specifically relating to web hosting at scale, continuous integration, monitoring and performance management is a huge advantage. Previous remote work and startup experience is also very valuable.

Our infrastructure is comprised of about 100 servers across two datacenters, running Ubuntu and managed with Saltstack, sitting behind a fairly deep CDN integration. Most common tech across our instances includes MySQL, Varnish, OpenResty/Nginx, LXC, Gluster, and a whole lot of Node.js.

We deliver these services with CI/CD and support them with VictorOps for on-call & alerts, Sensu for monitoring, TIG stack for metrics and have an increasing reliance on ElasticStack for logs and data. As we grow as a business, data & metrics are becoming core to our ability to succeed.


This role requires someone who is exceptional at clear, frequent communication, especially when identifying and responding to infrastructure failures, as well as…

  • Managing infrastructure requirements and optimisations based on app performance and user load scenarios
  • Database clustering and replication management
  • Metrics, monitoring and on-call alert management
  • Common security issues and mitigation strategies
  • Automation, automation & more automation

We don’t mind what hours you work, but this role requires reasonable working-hours overlap with the rest of the infrastructure team, as well as availability to be on-call on a rotating schedule in the event of downtime – so this role is restricted to UTC +0 to UTC +12 timezones. For this particular role the salary range is between $60k-$100k USD depending on location and experience.


  • Competitive salary
    We pay well at market rates reflecting both location and experience
  • Fully remote work
    Work from anywhere in the world, or travel continuously if that’s your thing. Everything we do is online. As long as you have wifi, you’re all set.
  • All the tech you need
    We’ll pay for whatever hardware and software you need to work and make sure you’re regularly upgraded to the latest versions.
  • Office costs covered
    Whether you prefer a home office or a co-working space, we’ll help pay for it.
  • Personal development
    An annual budget for books, courses, conferences and travel expenses.
  • Twice annual international team retreats
    Every 6 months we get the whole crew together for a week away. The last few trips have taken us to Dubai, Thailand, Austria & Egypt.
  • 3 day weekends, all year long
    We close the office on the last Friday of every single month. Enjoy!
  • Unlimited paid vacation*
    *Minimum 2 weeks per year, if you don’t take it yourself, we kick you out of the office in December until the new year rolls around.
  • Paid parental leave
    When the time comes to welcome a new member of the family, we offer 3 months fully paid parental leave.
  • Guaranteed pay-reviews
    Everyone at Ghost receives annual pay reviews to update their salary for market rate changes and inflation.
  • Dog friendly office
    Just kidding we literally don’t have an office – but apparently tech companies think this an important detail to put on job descriptions and we didn’t want to feel left out. So, um. Feel free to work with your dog.

Cats are cool, too.

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