Content and Inbound Marketing Strategist

Website Nightwatch

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We’re offering a fully remote position and a flexible work schedule (part-time with a possibility to go full-time) with high working ethics standards. We communicate regularly via Slack throughout the day, and on team calls weekly.

The individual will be responsible for implementing scalable content marketing strategies for our brand, and should have meticulous understanding of all requirements and principles for creating exceptional sharable content. He or she should be able to understand how to write and produce high quality content that is compelling to our target audiences (SEO and marketing experts), and how to effectively distribute content to a broader audience.

The most important personality traits for this position are having initiative, being proactive, and being a goal-oriented and resilient person with a positive attitude and the ability to operate in challenging situations.


  • Coming up with unique perspectives on marketing and business related articles
  • Writing compelling headlines and outlines for the articles
  • Working and coordinating work with our marketing team, editors and writers
  • Finding and hiring exceptional writers
  • Publishing and formatting articles on our CMS
  • Coming up with creative ideas for growing traffic to our blog and website
  • Optimizing lead conversion on our blog
  • Finding relevant blogs and writers for collaboration
  • Pitching article ideas of trending topics related to SEO, digital marketing and online businesses
  • Tracking your work, maintaining lists of tasks in spreadsheets and organizing your workflow
  • Planning and executing content distribution
  • Reporting progress and key KPIs to the management of the company
  • Being initiative and creative to suggest and implement improvements and content marketing campaigns


  • Being in-the-know of what is going on in the world of SEO and marketing
  • Experience with implementing effective inbound & content marketing strategies
  • Experience with planning and managing small teams
  • Being native or proficient english speaker
  • Understanding the whole user journey
  • Experience with CRO, PPC, social media, SEO and other marketing channels
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Extraordinary communication skills with great ability to adjust communication for different kinda of people
  • Strong organization and problem solving skills

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