Working with a health coach instead of another psychologist

I’ve tried psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors to help get me — and keep me — on track in life, but they never helped me too much. I think their help is too clinical and designed for people who don’t know themselves very well.

Speaking with a professional stranger who doesn’t judge you is great in the short-term — it makes you feel relieved for the day — but, from my experience, there’s no long-term benefit. I’ve been to three shrinks in my life and the result is always the same: me leaving after a few weeks or months with nothing to show for my time spent there.

Unlike a lot of people, I know myself pretty well. I know I have a tendency to harp on existential matters I have no control over, to focus on myself rather than things outside of myself, to shy away from completing things because I think there’s something “better” I should be working on.

This last point is a big source of anxiety in my life, which is why I’m going to start working with a health coach, Sam Thorne.

I met Sam in Prague while traveling with We Roam. He spoke to me and my group about things we could do to live a healthier life. Sam struck me as sincere and open-minded. He said that health isn’t just about what we eat and how we move. It’s also about our career, our finances, our relationships, our romantic life, and our goals.

This is all part of the wheel of life.

I start working with Sam on Tuesday. Naturally I’m skeptical but, overall, am optimistic. I’m confident that focusing on things outside of myself will help me live a better life. And not just focusing, but continually focusing on the thing until a goal is reached.

In reality, my self is just fine. It’s a perfect tool for helping people and getting shit done. I just have to learn how to treat it that way. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than completing a goal. With Sam on my side, I’m confident I can complete the goals I’ve been putting myself in the way of completing for years now.

Below are the goals I laid out for the next six months while working with Sam. I’m sure they’ll change slightly after I speak with him tomorrow, but this is how they stand.

A list of my goals for the next six months

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