Keep making good, hard decisions in the moment

Tonight I really wanted to eat something before bed but didn’t. After having some tea I drank a glass of water and now here I am. This was hard because I didn’t eat too much for lunch and dinner.

If I keep making good decisions like this, I won’t have to plan as much. For instance, I want to make a firm plan to exercise a fair amount, but rigid healthy living plans for often detract from the benefits you get from those plans. 

Instead of regimenting everything for health (exercise and nutrition), it is better to be honest with the body: Do I need to rest now or exercise? Do I really want that scoop of peanut butter before bed or is my body just always in survival mode and fighting for more calories. 

Whatever the answers are, there is one constant: cheat day! I can really start enjoying this day if I make good decisions throughout the week. I can start feeling good about treating myself for a job well done.

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