Two Funniest Podcast Episodes of 2019 (Spotify Wrapped)

As part of its “Wrapped” series, Spotify made a roundup of memorable podcast episodes from 2019. I listened to five of them and a few made me laugh. I’m not an easy laugh so am creating this post in order to easily return to these podcasts in 2020 when I’m craving some relief from the seriousness of life.

Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, Recounting Stories of Friendship (A24 Podcast)

I’m not the biggest fan of either of these actors so I almost didn’t listen to this episode from the A24 podcast. But an energy from the comedy gods pulled me in, saying, listen, listen. And I’m glad I did.

The plane made of feces

Just eight minutes into the episode I heard a bit based on Jonah’s and Michael’s experience flying on a plane in Spain that smelled like human feces.

When the pilot came on the intercom and started speaking in Spanish, they imagined that he was excusing the smell of the plane, saying that this was a new model of plane made from feces, and that he, the pilot had contributed his feces, as well as crew members and some local plane passengers. It was an achievement for them, a source of pride.


Then, around the 31-minute mark, Michael retells his favorite story about Jonah Hill—about how Jonah screamed “Please!” as a seagull swooped in (not even that close to him). When this happened, he was at the beach with his ex-girlfriend’s family. The boys were playing manly beach sports and Jonah was making tea time chat with the gals. The rest of the day, the guys mocked Jonah, saying Please! Please!.

  • 8:00 – Feces Plane
  • 31:00 – Please!

Critisizing The Alphabet and Its Letters (The Hottest Take)

Coming in at eight minutes, this episode is a short little number in which the members of the podcast make fun of the English alphabet and propose some changes…that they might not even believe in.

“Are you fine with `a’ being the first letter of the alphabet?”

“Not really.”

Did you listen to any podcast episodes in 2019 that made you laugh? Please throw a link up in the comments!

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