Keep a routine but keep it flexible

Thirty minutes into yoga class today I started worrying about exercising enough. I anticipated sticking to my schedule of working out almost every evening, but I grew afraid that I wouldn’t have the energy to work out tonight because the yoga class was quite difficult. This worrying held me back from having a great yoga practice.

What got me back on track with the yoga class was realizing it’s okay to detract from my exercise schedule. Every day is not the same. Do what feels good in the moment and keep moving forward. Have a flexible plan for the future and don’t stress out if you don’t hit that plan spot on. The plan is a guideline, not a mandated track. Treat is as such. My body will thank me for it.

Sticking to the plan when I’m drained can end up having the opposite effect. The challenge is differentiating between drained and lazy. For instance, when I get home from work, do I want to take a nap out of laziness or because I actually need the rest. If the latter, it’s important to listen to the body.

Right now, here is my flexible exercise schedule:

  • Morning energizing: yoga class OR walking/jogging and at-home yoga/meditation
  • Afternoon walking: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Evening workout: running OR weight lifting

The important this is to treat this as flexible but not too flexible.

Rule of thumb

  • When you are mentally drained, do it. It will make you feel better.
  • When you are physically drained, take a rest. And enjoy it.

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