Remote Job Group Coaching

Work as a team to get a full time remote job as fast as possible.

Group coaching is for people who are serious about getting a full time remote job. You will move through a 12-lesson remote job course with a remote job coach and other aspiring remote workers from around the world.

📣 Only $97 for a limited time

Group coaching features

You get access to all of this when you join a group coaching team…

Five coaching sessions

Access five live training sessions with a coach and your team to get a remote job as fast as possible.

Team group access

Access a private LinkedIn group where you can connect with your coach and teammates.

Hand-picked remote jobs

After creating your application assets, your coach will send you super-relevant remote jobs to apply to.

New friends and connections

Create friendships and professional connections that will complement your new, flexible work style.

📣 Only $97 for a limited time

Group coaching sessions

Meet with your coach and team five times over the span of two and a half weeks…

Session #1: Remote job briefing
Week 1: Tuesday @ 11am EST
Meet your coaches and teammates, learn about the remote job landscape, and identify your ideal remote job.

Session #2: Portfolio site build
Week 1: Thursday @ 11am EST
Learn how to start building content for your portfolio site that will give you an advantage over other remote job applicants.

Session #3: Resume and cover letter creation
Week 2: Tuesday @ 11am EST
Learn how to create a resume and cover letter that captures the attention of hiring managers at remote companies.

Session #4: Application training
Week 2: Thursday @ 11am EST
Get professional feedback and help with your resume and cover letter, then learn how to easily apply to remote jobs.

Session #5: Interview training
Week 3: Tuesday @ 11am EST
Learn tips and tricks for finding and applying to the best remote jobs, then learn how to get second round interviews.

📣 Only $97 for a limited time

Choose your team

Teams are named after different parts of the world to honor the distributed, inclusive nature of remote work. Teams consist of five other aspiring remote workers and one remote job coach.

After choosing your team and signing up, you’ll receive access to your team’s private LinkedIn group and our awesome group coaching platform where you can communicate with your coach and teammates before group coaching begins.

Team Aruba

Start date: Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Status: Open
Coaches: Rob, Ana, Christine
Price: $97 – one time payment

Team Bali

Start date: Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Status: Open
Coaches: Rob, Ana, Christine
Price: $97 – one time payment

Meet your coaches

Robert Gibb is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has landed four full time remote jobs in his career.

Ana Carrillo is based in Guadalajara, Mexico, and has landed three full time remote jobs in her career.

Christine Bailey is based in Sal Rei, Cape Verde, and has five years of experience in human resources.


Who started the group coaching program?

That would be Robert Gibb. He’s a writer and marketer for tech startups and has landed four full time remote jobs in his career. You can learn more about him here. He started this program because, when he was traveling while working remotely, many people asked him how they could achieve a flexible workstyle like him. This program and his other project Flexers is his answer to that question.

What if I can’t make a session?

Just let your coach know in advance in your team’s LinkedIn group and we will record your team’s coaching session so you can review it later.

Do you offer refunds?

No. But if your plans change and your team’s start date no longer works, we will move you to a team with a later start date.

Other questions? Send Rob or Ana a message on LinkedIn.


There is so much valuable content in the remote job course that you’ll work through in the group coaching program. As someone who has been job searching and reading all the typical advice, this remote work-tailored approach was a game changer. I feel 100% more equipped to tackle my search and I’m already getting positive feedback. I even have three interviews scheduled for this week!

Kiera Kosciolek, Social Media Manager @ Kinsta

Hey Robert. I love what you’re continuing to do here. I’m still at Lead Cookie, almost for two years now. It’s a fully remote team with teammates in Asia, Africa, Nova Scotia, and the United States. For anyone new here, Robert is a great guy with a great mission.

Rick Williams, Account Strategist @ Lead Cookie

I work with remote workers every day and have never seen anyone land a remote job as fast as Rob. If you want to work remotely, join a team for group coaching!

Blaine Anderson, Travel Designer @ MAYAMAYA