Get a full time remote job at a company with a flexible work environment.

Flexers is a free remote job coaching service and community for aspiring remote workers who are passionate about achieving a flexible work style and living their best life.

What’s included with Flexers?

Item #1 – Remote Job Course

Follow my exact process for landing a full-time remote job in this 12-lesson online guide.

Item #2 – Remote Work Q&As

Ask me any questions you have about working remotely or getting a full time remote job.

Item #3 – Private LinkedIn Group

Connect with me and other Flexers to stay motivated and get a full time remote job ASAP.

Item #4 – Remote Work Resources

Access all of the best content I’ve created over the years about working remotely and getting full time remote work.

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  • Who created Flexers?

    That’s me, Rob, on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland when I was traveling the world while working remotely. I created Flexers because when I was traveling people always asked how they could work remotely like me. I dedicate Flexers to them.

    Whether you want to travel like I did or simply have more flexibility to do things that are important to you, Flexers will help you get there.

    What are people saying about Flexers?

    “I work with remote workers every day and have never seen anyone land a remote job as fast as Rob. If you want to work remotely, join Flexers.”

    Blaine Anderson, Travel Designer @ MAYAMAYA

    Hey Robert. I love what you’re continuing to do here. I’m still at Lead Cookie, almost for two years now. It’s a fully remote team with teammates in Asia, Africa, Nova Scotia, and the United States. For anyone new here, Robert is a great guy with a great mission.

    Rick Williams, Account Strategist @ Lead Cookie

    There is so much valuable content in the full course that’s included with a Flexers membership, but the concrete tips for resume and cover letter building really stood out. As someone who has been job searching and read all the typical advice, this remote work-tailored approach was a game changer. I feel 100% more equipped to tackle my search and I’m already getting positive feedback. I even have three interviews scheduled for this week!

    Kiera Kosciolek, Social Media Manager @ Kinsta