What’s my five year goal? Here’s the answer you aren’t looking for.

Part of me wants to have a five year goal. The other part of me thinks it’s bullshit.

The other day while thinking about my five year goal, I thought: In five years I’ll be a full-time screenwriter. But now, as I write, I’m thinking I don’t care about what I’ll be doing in five years. I just want to focus on what I’m doing now. And that’s writing a screenplay.

Maybe I’ll have the privilege of getting paid to create stories that are interesting to me in five years. Maybe I won’t. What matters is that I’m enjoying it now.

The reason I’m writing about this cliché question — Where do you want to be in five years? — is because I’ve been interviewing with a lot of companies lately. Many of them ask this question in one form or another.

When they ask it to determine whether I check a box, it irritates me. It never ends up working out with companies who ask for this reason. But when they ask it to try to understand what drives me, I’m more forgiving of them for being unoriginal.

What’s my five year goal? Where do I want to be in 2022?

The real answer: I have no idea. But I know it will be somewhere good. I know this because I’ll be following some unwavering goals: practicing optimism, practicing awareness, and being as compassionate with other people as I enjoy them being with me.

If that doesn’t satisfy your requirements, hasta nunca.

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