A commitment to fast after dinner

I made a commitment on Stickk to not consume anything except decaffeinated tea after dinner because I usually consume things for the wrong reasons after dinner.

Some reasons include:

  • To alleviate boredom or anxiety
  • To feel better and more relaxed (alcohol)
  • To satiate an unnecessary craving (sweets)

This is a 30-day challenge/commitment but I plan on returning to it as needed until not consuming anything after dinner becomes a habit. This isn’t a one-off thing.

That said, I’m still keeping my cheat day (Saturday) during this challenge. I think it’s important to reward yourself in moderation at least one day of the week.

A cheat day also gives you the opportunity to experience events that you can’t experience to the fullest when you’re controlling your cravings and bad habits.

We still need to have some fun here.

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