A dream within a dream: A dark adventure I recommended to a friend

I appeared in a tobacco shop that served a special type of liquid. However, I was the only person in the shop who knew about this liquid. And when I asked the woman working the register for it, she had to remind herself that it was in fact there.

I don’t remember drinking this liquid, but I definitely did order it.

After ordering it, I was forced into a dream-like world. It was a dark and impressive world. There were demons and sages in it and different levels of existence that an elevator took you up into.

I didn’t have a choice about going further up into this dark world–it was a one-sided elevator–but I didn’t mind. I was intrigued.

It felt like I traveled through this dream within a dream for an entire lifetime, but the only specific moment I remember is entering a level with high ceilings made of stone, like a castle.

So much more happened, but I can’t remember exactly what. I just remember finding myself back in the tobacco shop after an epic journey and recommending the mysterious liquid to a friend.

But this time it wasn’t a liquid; it was a donut.

I ate the donut with her and we returned to the dream within an dream for another dark adventure.

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