Water fast [Day 2 of 3]: Fasting means going through withdrawal

This is day 2 of 3 of my 3-day water fast.

As I write this it’s early morning Wednesday. I can’t sleep but I find peace in the fact that I’ve made it more than 48 hours without food. Not much longer to go. I think the main reason I can’t sleep is because I’m not very tired yet. But my mind is also focused on food and my body is buzzing, feeding off its muscle and fat reserves. I’m miserable when my mind isn’t focused on something I enjoy doing or find interesting. I feel good in an strange way the rest of the time.

In all honesty, before occupying my mind with this writing I was very miserable. I even considered breaking my fast. But I’m pushing forward, writing my way through it.

I think there are many reasons fasting with water is so hard for me: For one, I grew up eating three meals a day and haven’t veered too far away from that in my adult life. Also, since college, I’ve taken up about a drink or more a day. I stopped doing all of this two days ago.

This is a long time considering I’ve never gone more than 24 hours without food. At this point, I’ve doubled that, and at the end I will triple it. I’m having some odd side effects – acidic burps, mind fog, and body buzz – but this is normal. It’s probably the best kind of withdrawal in the world. Unlike others, I’m not sweating, kicking, and shouting obscenities.


Time Log

11:00am: Had trouble getting to sleep last night. Going “cold turkey” off food will fuck with you. I did sleep though, off and on. I stayed in bed and rested until 10:00am. After that I did my after waking routine. I’m going to walk to the coworking space now.

1:00pm: I felt a weird sort of buzz while walking to the coworking space. It wasn’t good or bad. I wasn’t craving food this morning, however I was a little antsy. Call it food withdrawal.

3:00pm: I went for a swim in the pool. It took my mind off the fast momentarily. Working sucks when you’re water fasting. Because I am antsy, it’s harder to focus. I’m focusing on other stuff, like how my body feels and how the work I’m doing now is just a means to an end – nothing else. So yeah, doing work you don’t care much for especially sucks when you can’t dull it with a beer.

8:00pm: I just woke up from a nap. I feel good but weak. Playing Halo 5 takes my mind off of things.

10:00pm: I called my parents and sister. It took my mind off the fast. When I do fasts in the future, I’ll plan on calling more people.

12:00am: Just finished up working. It was a struggle. However, when I took a break to play some Halo, I noticed a burst of energy. It went away pretty quick though. I”m not tired, but I’m going to try to get some sleep. It will make the time go by quicker.