Remote job study: Helping a chemist get paid to write

I’ve landed three remote jobs in the past two years for marketing and writing roles. To verify that my process for landing remote jobs works for other professions, I’m helping some of my friends land remote jobs.

After I have a widely applicable framework, I’ll be launching a free course to help anyone get a remote job. You can sign up to get notified about this course at the end of this post.

I have a friend who’s a chemist and likes to write poetry. For fun he sets up his typewriter outside of cafes in Mississippi and punches out free haikus for passerby. This gives him a great deal of satisfaction.

Chemist writing poetry

About a month ago he was laid off from his job at a chemical plant. Since then he’s been looking for jobs in the Mississippi area with no luck. When he saw I was helping people land remote jobs to conduct case studies for my “get a remote job course,” he responded to me with interest.

The only problem is: he has a hands-on profession. This makes things tricky for finding remote work, but not impossible.

On my first call with him the other day, we talked about his passions. He is still interested in the chemical engineering field but it seems he loves to write even more. And writing is something you can do 100% from your computer. No office or hazmat suit required.

We’re onto something here…

Something cool about the modern workforce is that there are many remote startups and companies that prioritize culture fit, personality, and drive over experience. My friend can use this to his advantage.

For instance, if he was applying to a chemical startup as a technical writer, his initial message might look something like this…

Message from chemist about a technical writing role

Here are some other job fields that let you work remotely and don’t require much or any experience:

  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Administrative assistance
  • Sales
  • Writing

If, instead of writing, my friend really loved to chat with people about cool things, he could pursue a career in sales or customer service for a chemical company that makes cool products.

What we’re trying to do here is form a bridge with what he’s experienced in (chemistry) with what he really wants to do (write).

See how that works?

In the next post for this remote job study I’ll talk about how we went about finding opportunities.

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