Hate your job? Cool company cultures on the rise

This article was originally published on The Mission.

I’ve been applying to jobs for over a month now, waiting for the right opportunity. This is the first time I’ve seriously hunted for jobs since 2014 when I traded a low-paying job at a digital marketing agency for a more rewarding job at a tech startup. Continue reading “Hate your job? Cool company cultures on the rise”

How to get a full-time remote job [5-day challenge]

In 2017 I traveled to 12 countries in 7 months with We Roam and in 2016 I traveled all over the United States. These adventures were possible because I had a full-time remote job.

I want others to have opportunities like this, which is why I created this challenge. Over the next five days I’ll show you exactly what I do to land full-time remote jobs. (I’ve landed three in my career.) Continue reading “How to get a full-time remote job [5-day challenge]”

How to create an online resume with the VisualCV resume builder

After you create a cover letter template that tells the story of the professional you, you need to create a resume that has the same momentum.

The reason the story-driven approach to cover letters appeals to remote companies is because it’s different. It reads like a cover letter that goes against cover letter law. This against-the-grain approach matches a remote company’s culture. Continue reading “How to create an online resume with the VisualCV resume builder”

How to get full-time remote jobs with ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is one of the largest online job boards. It’s not a remote-specific job board, but there are many remote job opportunities featured on it. It’s also very easy to apply to jobs because of its one-click apply feature.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you everything you can do to leverage ZipRecruiter as a tool for your remote job search. Continue reading “How to get full-time remote jobs with ZipRecruiter”