What You Do Influences The Whole (Caroline Myss)

According to Caroline Myss, a spiritual teacher that my girlfriend introduced me to, this is a mystical truth that we are only beginning to truly understand.

We can see this in the decisions we make about our carbon footprint (e.g. the movement sparked by climate activist Greta Thunberg), our desire to eliminate waste (e.g. starting to question plastics and bottled water), and being more conscious of the food we eat (e.g. eating more plants directly instead of using resources to grow 10x the amount of plants to feed livestock for 1/10 the calories).

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Hate your job? Cool company cultures on the rise

This article was originally published on The Mission.

I’ve been applying to jobs for over a month now, waiting for the right opportunity. This is the first time I’ve seriously hunted for jobs since 2014 when I traded a low-paying job at a digital marketing agency for a more rewarding job at a tech startup. Continue reading “Hate your job? Cool company cultures on the rise”

How to get a full-time remote job [5-day challenge]

In 2017 I traveled to 12 countries in 7 months with We Roam and in 2016 I traveled all over the United States. These adventures were possible because I had a full-time remote job.

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