My Portfolio

Below are live writing samples I’ve written over the years for various B2B tech startups.

Writing Samples

Blog Posts

How an Alexa Skills Developer Eliminated 1-Star Reviews Due to Timeouts (StackPath) Shared by popular Alexa developer

The State of Planned Maintenance in 2019 (UpKeep) Republished by Maintworld

The State of CMMS Adoption in 2019 (UpKeep) Republished by Maintworld

How to Create a Preventive Maintenance Checklist (UpKeep) Ranks #1 in Google

How to Use Account Based Intelligence (Intricately) Republished by Salesforce and Art + Marketing; Ranks #1 in Google

How to Increase B2B Deal Size by 200% (Crunchbase) Republished by Art + Marketing

How Consumers Perceive Push Notifications in 2018 (Localytics) Linked to from Forbes

What 12 CDN Experts Love and Hate About CDNs (MaxCDN) Hit #1 on Hacker News

7 Tips for Effective Team Meetings, Distilled from Two Years of Torture (Hubstaff)


Rob takes challenges head on. He’s hungry to meet goals, cares deeply about content quality, and will always surprise you by going above and beyond. I’m so grateful to have worked with Rob!

Ryan Chan, CEO and Founder @ UpKeep


What is a Distributed System? (StackPath) Ranks #1 in Google

How Transparent Proxies Work (StackPath) Ranks #1 in Google

How Domain Sharding Works (StackPath) Ranks #1 in Google

Recurring vs Non-Recurring Revenue (Baremetrics) Ranks #1 in Google


Rob is a strong writer who brings a unique perspective and great ideas to the table. He was a quick learner and made sure that our content strategy was mapping to the KPIs that were most important to the company.

Kristin Cronin, VP of Communications @ Localytics

Newsletters and Series

High Performance Infrastructure (StackPath) Created series

Developer Tools Roundup (StackShare) Created series

Open Source and Design Newsletter (Hoodie)

Product Marketing

I created copy and video walkthroughs for product feature pages for the startup UpKeep. Most of these pages now rank on page one of Google.

Creating a True Live Streaming Experience with StackPath (StackPath)

MaxCDN White Label Reseller Platform (MaxCDN)

Origin Shield Single Page Overview [PDF] (MaxCDN)

Origin Shield Detailed Overview [PDF] (MaxCDN)

How Hotjar Made the Rapid Switch to MaxCDN (MaxCDN)


Far beyond his content and product marketing expertise, Rob really served as the creative director for the marketing team. This included totally overhauling our site and creating an outstanding UX for visitors to discover product features and value-added resources.

Ben Downing, Head of Marketing @ UpKeep


I had the pleasure of working alongside Rob for many years. When he joined MaxCDN, he wasn’t technical at all, but I was impressed with how fast he learned our product and soon became more knowledgeable than every sales person in the company.

Sean Walsh, Business Development Specialist @ MaxCDN

White Papers

2020 Maintenance Insights Report (UpKeep) Created

How to Do Maintenance Like Stanford (UpKeep) Created

2019 Cloud Market Share Report (Intricately) Created

Threat Landscape for Startups Building Web Applications (StackPath) Directed

Improving Your CDNs Cache Hit Ratio (MaxCDN) Created

Designing Your CDN Failover Strategy (MaxCDN) Created

Open Source Report for SustainOSS (SustainOSS) Edited

Web Copy and More

To view web page copy, press releases, media pitches and other content I created for the digital marketing agency WebiMax from 2013 to 2014, please request access to this document.


Robert was, by far, my favorite content writer at WebiMax. Robert’s writing consistently impressed me and regularly satisfied the high expectations of our clients.

Marilyn Moran, Senior Digital Manager @ WebiMax

Content Marketing Projects

  • Created nearly 50 technical articles with custom images
  • Grew monthly organic traffic from 0 to 15,000 in three months
  • All articles now rank on page one of Google
  • Increased blog traffic from 40,000 to 70,000+ in two months
  • Optimized and republished five blog posts per week
  • Managed freelance writers to scale project
  • Convinced popular companies to publish stories on our site
  • Each story received 20,000+ views after being published
  • Stories shared widely on Reddit and Hacker News

Rob’s skills don’t stop at the creation of content. He’s also skilled in the distribution and social media aspect of content marketing. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Kris Kayyal, Marketing Manager @ MaxCDN