StackPath is an edge computing and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) startup that has received $400 million in funding to date.

At StackPath I helped us compete with public companies like Fastly and Cloudflare by scaling technical content creation that increased organic traffic, referral traffic, and general interest in the products StackPath is building.


Rob has the unique ability to see a ‘zoomed out’ view of the company’s content and the market they are going after. This gives him the ability to quickly focus on what needs improvement and identify content strategies that will have immediate positive impact for the business. He’s also organized, thorough, and a great writer and editor.

Justin Johnson, VP Developer Relations @ StackPath


In addition to ideating, editing, and distributing all of the technical content on the blog I wrote content as well. Below are some samples.

You can view more writing samples here.