StackPath is a startup in the web security space. The startup I worked at before this, MaxCDN, was acquired by StackPath in July 2016. In its initial round of funding StackPath raised $150 million.

After an audit of MaxCDN’s marketing efforts, content showed to generate substantially more leads and revenue than advertising. Because of this, a large portion of StackPath’s marketing budget was reserved for content creation and promotion.

This new budget let me hire 6 freelancers including four content creators, a proofreader, and an outreach specialist. In addition to generating content topics and working with these freelancers, I also created content on my own to drive leads and enable sales.


  • Managed all content creation and publishing efforts for company of 150+ people
  • Created lead gen content that helped sales exceed new signup goal
  • Created case studies included in RFPs for Fortune 100 companies
  • Worked alongside CISSP to create white paper that I promoted with Twitter Ads for lead generation

I had the pleasure of working alongside Rob for many years. When he joined MaxCDN, he wasn’t technical at all, however, I was very impressed by how fast he learned our product and soon became more knowledgeable than every sales person in the company. His articles were very well written and being MaxCDN’s first content writer, his efforts really pushed our company forward. He is also a great guy and any company would be lucky to have him.

Sean Walsh, Business Development Specialist @ StackPath