An experiment in breaking down big goals with a simple Google Doc

A goal lingers because there’s no pressure to complete it. A monthly goal never gets done because a month is a long time, and long time’s attract procrastination. You tell yourself that what you didn’t do this week you will do next week. But you never do it.

A weekly goal is a more immediate than a monthly goal, but procrastination is still an issue. You tell yourself that what you didn’t do today you will do tomorrow. But usually you do this too much, to the point where all of your tasks are left for Thursday and Friday. And then you get stressed and either do a poor job or quit.

I have never been good at goal setting and organizing, so I’m going to experiment with something new for the month of August 2017. For one of my three current big goals — creating a passive income project — I’m going to break the goal down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals in this Google Doc.

Guidelines for this model

  • Use hard numbers whenever possible
  • Always plan goals at least one day in advance
  • Don’t feel stressed to anticipate future daily and weekly goals
  • Daily and weekly goals needed to complete the monthly goal will arise organically
  • Log what you do each day to stay on track

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